New York Blood Center RHCE Table

The purpose of the RHCE Table is to document RHCE alleles that have been reported associated with a clinical presentation, be it altered antigen expression on the RBCs and/or antibody production in a patient.

The tables include the official ISBT allele nomenclature as well as the original “reported as” designation, linkage relationships, associated phenotype(s), information on antibody production if available, GenBank and SNP database rs numbers, and a link to the original report(s).

This site is maintained by the Immunohematology and Genomics staff at the New York Blood Center who acknowledges the efforts of Judith Aeschlimann and contributions of Christophe Tournamille for a number of reference links. 

For information on RHD alleles, please see the RhesusBase and the ISBT allele tables.