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What Is the Diversity and Distribution of RhD Phenotypes & Genotypes in Different Populations?

Unlike other blood group antigens that are either positive or negative when tested in the laboratory, RhD antigens are diverse in both phenotype and genotype. They also vary between ethnic groups.

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How RHD Genotyping Provides a Solution for Pregnant Women with a Serologic Weak D Phenotype

RhD serologic typing, while beneficial, has inherent limitations that affect both obstetric patients and their OB-GYNs. Fortunately, RHD genotyping can help.

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Benefits of RHD Genotyping for Pregnant Women & Their OB-GYNs

The benefits of RHD genotyping are vast, including more efficient obstetric care and significant cost savings.


Why Do Some Pregnant Women Type as Both Rh Positive & Rh Negative?

Consistency is essential to quality healthcare, but Rh typing methods are associated with discrepancies that OB-GYNs need to be aware of.

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RHCE Table

The purpose of the table is to document RHCE alleles that have been reported associated with a clinical presentation, be it altered antigen expression on the RBCs and/or antibody production in a patient.


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Blood Experts Blog

Why Do Some Pregnant Women Type as Both Rh Positive & Rh Negative? Consistency is essential to quality healthcare, but current Rh typing methods are causing significant discrepancies that OB-GYNs need to address.